A lot of people are used to playing poker physically, or in an actual game either at a casino, at the house or even around a friend’s house while hanging out and grab a few drinks. However, with the fast-paced innovation of technology nowadays, more and more people enjoy playing poker in their phones, computers, and tablets which does not sacrifice the amount of excitement and fun it provides just like playing an actual poker.


It is okay to be skeptical because you only want what is best for you but in this article, let me convince you to try online poker just even once and speak for yourself about it but here is a short list about its advantages compared to playing it physically.

  • Convenient- This goes in the top of the list because online poker can be played anywhere, anytime, even when you are at the bathroom, at your bedroom or commuting and kill the time while enjoying playing it compared to visiting casinos or call out some friends or fellow poker players to meet up and play; that takes more than effort but time as well compared to playing at your phone.
  • Cost saver- Physical casinos and poker gaming centers have a relatively expensive minimum buy-in especially a big blind with just very low cash at stake in each game and you do not want to look cheap so you have to leave a small tip for the dealer when you win the pot money. It costs a lot compared to online poker where you can bet as low as one dollar per game and you can play alongside with a lot of players as well.
  • No queue- Poker gaming centers and casinos only have limited tables that are why your patience is always tested. You have to wait for hours even an entire day just to play poker compared to online poker where you are the priority of an online poker site to play.
  • Easier to win- Unlike an actual casino and poker gaming center, online poker lets you play from table to table, website to website depending on how much money you have and the time you want to spend in playing. The more you play, the more chances of winning you get. You can also get the chance to negate with your fellow online poker players you can gauge their tendencies and their pick up by their tells.

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