3 Common Betting Strategies in Online Poker

Having a betting strategy can help increase your chances of winning in online poker. When you are playing on the poker table, you will be meeting different kinds of players. There will be the aggressive ones, loose & tight players, and others. When playing capsa online, it is important to have a strategy that will prevent you from being ran over by your opponents while to get some winnings of your own. Here are 3 strategies that can help your online poker experience profitable.

3 Betting

In 3 betting, one player makes a raise and then faces a re-raise. This is already considered as three bets because there was already a forced bet by the big blind, then there was a raise and a re-raise. This is an aggressive move before a flop with a very tight hand range. This is because a re-raise should only be done with really good hands.

When is the right time to do 3-bet when playing capsa online?  The answer is depending on your opponents. One situation is when your opponent has a hand that he will more than likely come over the top. You can re-evaluate to see if you want to flip with your cards. If he folds then you win the pot.

Check Raising

As the name implies, you decide to check and one of your opponents bet and you re-raise them. This is an aggressive tactic and is more effective out of position because you are the first to act. If you have a strong hand and check it, the sensible move of your opponent is to bet into you in hopes of stealing the pot. Let us say that you have a big blind and the other player raises 3 times the amount of the big hand. Since you already have placed a bet, you made the call.

The key to check raising is having a good read of your opponent’s hand. If you have a passive opponent who likes to go with the flow, it is likely that they will check behind you and in the process you lose money. Check raising is an ideal strategy if you have an aggressive opponent.

Continuation Betting

Continuation betting is a strategy that involves raising pre-flop that has been called. This strategy is done whether or not there is connection with the flop. C-betting has become a standard strategy. However, you should use this strategy against the right flops and the right opponents.