Charles Fey and Birth of the first slot machine

They call all automatic vending machines and gambling devices in the past slot. This is where the term slot machine came from. There are also other names for the slot machine. Fruit machine for the British. One armed bandit is also a popular nickname.

Liberty Bell

The liberty bell is the first mechanical slot machine. Charles Fey a car mechanic in 1895 invented the first mechanical slot machine. The liberty bell consists of three spinning reels. Diamond, spade, and heart symbols. They painted this around each reel. To win the jackpot you need to have three liberty bells align.

The original slot machine is now on display. You can find this in Reno, Nevada. At the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant. Charles Fey also made the Draw Power and Three Spindle and the Klondike.

Trade Check Separator

Charles Fey also invented the trade checker separator. They used this in the Liberty Bell. A hole in the middle and a detecting pin to check fake nickels. These machines are being rented before on a 50/50 split profit.

Growth of Liberty Bell

The demand for the Liberty Bell became huge. Fey could not keep up with the demand in his small shop. Gambling manufacturers offered Fey to buy the rights. But Fey refused to. In 1907 Herbert Mills. A manufacturer in Chicago of arcade machines. He began the production of his own slot machine. This is a knock off of Fey Liberty Bell called the Operator Bell. Mills is the first person to put fruit symbols.

Electronics Age

In 1934 the production of the first electric gambling machine started. Animated horse race machine was available to the public. This call the gambling machine Paces Races. 1964 is the birth of the first electric gambling machine called “21” machine. Different versions of the gambling machine then followed.

Gambling came a long way from where it started. Nowadays you can play this game with the tip of your fingers. Allowing you to play at home at your convenience. The power of technology has helped so many land based casinos to grow.

slot games also evolved throughout the years. Proves that this game will continue to grow as years and technology progress. More and more players across the globe add to the list of new players every day. If you are starting to get into gambling it better to know your roots and how the game started. Who made way for your favorite game.