Sports betting is quite vague. It covers several activities that involve placing a wager in any sporting events. Fixed-odds betting is the most popular way to bet on sports, but there are a lot of other ways than that. The internet made significant changes in the way players can place wagers. It also opened up new possibilities for alternative types of wagering. There are many online sports betting sites, like TSOne, where players can place all sorts of bets. It is best to learn the different types of sports betting before you place any bet.

Fixed-odds sports betting

Fixed-odds sports betting is the traditional form of betting on sports. Most people are familiar with this type, although they are not familiar with the term used to call it. The name “fixed-odds” means that both parties agree on the odds when they place a wager. When a bet wins, it gets paid out at those agreed odds, and it does not matter if the odds moved.


This type of betting is very straightforward. A player wager on what is going to happen in a sports event. For example, which team will win a basketball match, or which player will win a golf tournament. The player’s wager wins if he or she picks the right participant or player and he or she gets paid out.

In-play or live betting

Another form of fixed-odds betting, in-play or live betting has a slight difference. Players bet on events after they have started. Players place bets before the start of a game in traditional betting. In-play or live betting has a different set of rules. Players can place bets at any time during the event, even right up until the game is almost over. It is a new form of betting, thanks to the power of the internet. Most online sports betting sites offer a live betting platform that covers a wide range of different sports and events.

Exchange betting

The wagers you can place at an exchange are the same as in traditional sports betting. There are also fixed-odds at the time of placing your bets, but there is no bookmaker involved. Exchange betting does not need the services of a bookmaker. Bettors place the wagers between themselves. When you place a wager, you bet with other people who are taking the opposite position as you. One of the functions of a betting exchange is handling the whole financial side of things. You pay your stake to the trade when you place your wager. It may be a bit confusing, particularly for beginners, but you can get the hang of it.

Other popular types of sports betting are daily fantasy sports and E-sports betting. Spread betting and pari-mutuel betting are also common types of sports betting.