dragons story

Dragon’s Story : The latest online slot game play for real and free!

A Dragon’s Story is the newest online slots game toward be founded on a mythical creature’s ventures and it’s pretty addictive.  Telling the story of the violent and scary dragon – OK not actually, but he has a name toward live up to – by way of he defends and watches above his big stash of gold, as well as he needs your aid and for it, you would be rewarded generously.  To help you as well as the dragon defend the gold, you will discover some bizarre bonus features, counting a wild sign, free spins,  super bet, gamble feature plus more besides.  Consequently, whatever are you waiting for?  The dragon in dragons story necessities your help, as well as he needs it now!

On A Dragon’s Story you would find 4 dragon connected symbols counting Sir William, a group of gold, a shield, plus a burning shoe.  The lesser symbols are signified by the playing card signs 9, J, Q, K 10, and A.  You will moreover see the dragon himself on the rolls, and he is the harsh symbol on this slot game.  The dragon is going toward replace all other signs, except the bonus signs, to produce winning mixtures. The chief bonus feature on a dragons story is a free spin feature.  To trigger this feature, you will requisite to land 3, 4 otherwise 5 of the jewel sprinkle symbol anyplace on the reels.  Once activated you would receive 10 free spins, plus these spins would start automatically.  Whereas spinning away if you comprehensive any paylines, your win would be doubled.  You will furthermore be capable to re-trigger additional free spins through landing 3 or additional of the jewels over in a single spin through the free spins feature.

dragons story

The super bet is an elective extra bet; in which you could opt into.  This bet would enhance some reels – dependent on how much you want toward spend – and upsurge the probabilities of landing wilds on the reels through a single spin.  You will have numerous options from addition extra dragons to 1 reel, 2 reels otherwise all reels.

The story as well as the character, together with the graphics of the game show up. They not only upsurge your interest, but furthermore make certain that you come back plus choose A Dragon’s Story as your preferred profitable online slot game.

Afterward any win on A Dragon’s Story you could choose to bet your win to double otherwise possible magnify your win.