If you are relatively new to online casino gaming, you might have encountered or heard of no deposit slot bonus. It looks enticing as it seems because you do not have to register to an online casino site, all you have to do is to subscribe to its mailing list or its regular newsletter to avail of its generous online bonuses.

However, not all online casino gamblers are knowledgeable about these online casino features that are why in this article, let me help you learn what is an online casino bonus and its primary use and function.

So what is a no deposit slots bonus? Generally, no deposit slot bonuses is a very popular feature in an online casino site that everyone is taking advantage of because of the benefits it provides to online gamblers compared to land-based casinos. It offers online players a chance to test and play different online slot games without even spending a single penny from their own pocket and the second reason is that it is also one effective way to gather more online gamblers and register to that online casino site.

In general, no deposit slot bonus is a promotional offer to lure more online gamblers to a certain online casino site to register and deposit from them by providing them free games and generous funds that will be used to bet on that games.

 This is called free slot money, a term used by online casino sites for its online slot bonuses that they provide to their clients and online gamblers that want to test their online casino games.

There are tons of online casino sites that provide no deposit slot bonuses but it depends on how many an online casino site is available in the country that you are located. There are more generous offers if you register from your location to an online casino site that is based in your country.

A lot of these online casino websites, however, have a limit or a ceiling cap for those online gamblers who play free online casino games by using no deposit slot bonuses to urge them to register and deposit funds to start gambling real time. Online gambling players, however, will eventually play the real online casino games once they already tested the free games by using the no deposit slot bonuses they earned.

Just a piece of advice, not all online casino sites are safe so better to stick to the best and reputable ones.