Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It began in the 1800s in the eastern United States. Millions of people continue to enjoy baseball up to today. Although it can be very boring for some people, others love the relaxed and slow pace of this sport. There are plenty of people around the world pumping their money into Fun88 ฝาก เงิน. As the sport adapts to the changing of the times, there is no way it will be a dying sport anytime soon.

There are many vital things a new bettor should understand. One of which is the basis for baseball betting. Based on a Moneyline, meaning laying or taking money odds, payouts vary depending on the odds. Baseball odds are always expressed as a 3-digit money line and $100 is the basis for all Moneylines.

Baseball betting lines

Understanding the betting lines is crucial before you place a wager.

Run Line

The Run Line is like the point spread in other sports. The difference is that the payouts depend on the Moneyline odds. These are often not set at -110 on each side. There should be at least 8.5 or 9 innings in the game when you bet on the Run Line if the home team is ahead. You get your bet back if one of the listed pitchers does not start the game.

Totals or Over/Under

This refers to the total number of runs by both eams. Sportsbooks set a specific number. You predict whether the game will go over or under the said number. You will get your wager back if the final score lands on the exact number the sportsbook set. This is what people call as No Action.


You can use up to ten teams in a parlay in baseball betting. There can be at most ten underdogs. The greatest payout will not exceed 720 to 1 and you can include totals in parlays. All the teams in a parlay bet should win or you lose the bet. Sometimes the event ends up in a tie, rain-out, cancellation, and more. The parlay is then reduced to the next lowest number of games in this case. If there is one rain-out game in a five-team parlay, it becomes a four-team parlay. It can be tricky to calculate parlay payouts but you can depend on the wagering terminal to do the work for you.

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