Pay By Your Phone

Being in a comfort life always, let you feel bored and you have to spice up your life then and there. If this is the case, think about the millions of people who lead a stressful routine life. A stress buster activity is the most needed one and one among the stress busters is the casinos which offer real excitement. With the modern technologies and the modern facilities, the casinos compete with each other to provide the players luxury and convenience. Already the payment options available are easy for the customers, and the newly available at w888 make the payment option a more convenient one.

The casinos begin to offer the paying option by your mobile phones and the casino phone bills option is catching up. The operators and the players appreciate the convenience in this paying option. Now, only the big players in  and Australia offer this exciting payment option.

How It Works

The pay by your mobile phone is the safest and easiest method of payment available. It adds to your phone bill and you pay it like your regular phone bills and there is no need to create new credit card bills, new online e-wallet accounts, or separate bank transactions.

The sellers charge their fee directly from the customer’s mobile bill through the service provider, who offers the payment gateway through mobile phones. Whether the customer pays at once or pays the monthly bills, the system works in both ways. The fee will be withdrawn from the mobile balance when the customer pays at once or charged from the monthly bill when he pays the monthly bill.

Activating this service is an easy one. When you deposit the money, select the payment gateway service. To know about the charge, you have to follow one to three steps which depend on the mobile network you use. The phone number, the casino id, and the password are the required information.

Using this phone bill option to deposit your money is very safe as there is no need to disclose your bank account details, credit card details, and any other personal data.

You have no obligation to sign up for an account or do not have to share any of your information with a third party. The only information you give is your phone number.

There is a lot of news we hear about the online fraud and theft in these days. This safe transaction is a huge benefit to you.