Things You Never Knew About Casinos

The online Casino platforms are not the most popular things related to gambling. There are many things more popular than renowned websites such as The year 2018 marked an amazing 77 years since the first casino was opened in Las Vegas. El Rancho used to be one of the most sought out destinations for gamblers. You might know a lot about roulette wheels, slot spin, card hustle and other aspects of casinos, but here are some things that you never knew:

  • The oldest casino in the United States was the Pair-o-Dice Club on Highway 91. The club went through a variety of name changes before being closed in the year 2007. Even the El Rancho was destroyed in a fire in the year 1960s.
  • China is the biggest Casino market in the World. If you thought that only America had a history of gambling, then you are so wrong. The best and most famous gambling destination title is given to Macau in the year 2007. And since that year, the title has remained in the exact same place.
  • The largest Casino that is ever built is known as The Vatican Macao. The casino covers an enormous area of 10.5 million feet. And you want to hear another interesting fact then read this. The casino is 2.5 times bigger than the Vatican City itself.
  • The smallest Casino is located in just 15 x 40 ft area in a supermarket in Palomar Mountain. The Casino is called Slots-A-Fun-Casino if you ever decided to go there.

  • The Casino as people know it in today’s world came from Venice. Even the popular games of Casino are introduced by Venice. Gin Rummy, BlackJack, Poker, The Ridotto, Basetta, etc. all came from the city of Venice.
  • The longest winning streak till this date lasted for three long years. There was a man named Archie Karas. He came to Las Vegas with only $50 in his pocket and went home with over $40 million. But he was not lucky enough to keep that money. He lost all that money within one year.
  • The Biggest online payout that was done had a total worth of $12 million dollars. There was a guy named Peter in Norway who won 11 million Euros playing an Online Arabian Slot game.

So, now you can be sure that you can turn your life too by just playing online Casino games. Visit and improve your chances of winning.