Playing online poker

Thinking of The Best for Your Poker Game

The risk is related to poker. Even if you face an excellent reward, you should always think about the risks involved in obtaining a reward. But if it’s not worth it, then it’s better to stop, discard the card. The bottom line is that you must balance the risk you accept to reward before deciding something.

Here are some examples that can explain a lot

Example 1. What happens if a millionaire approaches you and offers you a million dollars, if you play Russian roulette for a player, one will give you a six-dimensional weapon, will you do it or not?

Think: there are 5 of 6 chances that you get a million. But do you think a million is good if you risk your life? One of the 6 possibilities of receiving a bullet in the head is a sufficient reason not to accept this insane offer.

Example 2 – Once one woke up and won five million dollars. The same day, the millionaire challenges you in a coin game. If the results of the coin toss are maximum, it will give you $ 10,000.00, double your money and, if it is a queue, it will give you $ 5,000,000.

The reward for this task is very high, and you have a 50% chance of winning 10 million dollars. But one also had a 50% chance of losing $ 5 million to the same person. People think if the rich man offered a smaller amount as a bet, you could try your luck with that. But the situation of “all or nothing” does not attract the best people.

These examples are not the same as in poker, but somehow you find yourself in a situation very similar to this one.

Playing online poker

Take, for example:

Get free entry to one of the largest cara bermain kartu poker tournaments in the world is a wonder. But you discover that you do not have enough chips and the person bursts from the bubble. It’s time for you to make a decision that will make you stay in the tournament. You can earn money and get a significant $ 50,000. You are also informed that someone has been eliminated. And if you lose this particular hand, you will not have any money, because you have less chips than other players.

You checked your card and you had a pocket of aces. If you decide to retire, you earn $ 50,000; If you play and lose, you get nothing, and if you play and win, you get blinds, or two or three blinds.

The fact is that even if you play and win a hand, you still have a small chance to climb the scale of the tournament. And also, if you try to play, you also risk losing $ 50,000.

In this game of poker, weighing your choice is a must. If the reward is large, but the risk of winning the reward is greater, then it is better to fold the hand and not risk at all.


Remember that in the game of poker there is always a hand that will bring you a great victory. You just need to wait patiently for this. Put your money in a bet that has many chances to win.