Understand a little about how the poker client works

Since online poker has become such a popular game, there have been many programs that promise to help you win by cheating or seeing hidden cards from your opponent. To answer the question, can you see the hidden cards of your opponent? First, you need to understand a little how the poker client works and how likely it is that you will see what other players have.

First, the software used by all major online poker sites is a secure system in which cards are usually served from a separate server as the poker client itself. This means that while the server of the poker client sends you information about the table, the names of the players and their actions, a completely different server sends the card data to each player.

For Domino Online, there are two separate sending requests: one closed and the other public. Personal information is visible only to you, and public data is available to all players. Personal information (for example, your hidden cards) is transmitted through a secure server that sends the so-called package directly to your computer.

Secure packages

A secure package can only be opened and decrypted using a key built into your client’s software and on your computer. Even if the program can intercept the packet, it will NOT be able to decrypt the contents if the key is also not inserted into it.

This means that if the software claims that it can see the hidden cards of the opponent, it must have all the keys for each player (which is built into YOUR computer and created when the software was downloaded). This is very similar to a unique identifier that allows you to decrypt a deck, revealing your hidden cards just for you.

Too valuable to sell

Secondly, if there were a program that could see the hidden cards of other players, poker clients would quickly go around it and, without much delay, would become useless. Besides, if the program exists, it is highly doubtful that anyone is interested in selling it since it would be more profitable to use it than to sell it.

Although there are many good programs to help you win online poker; It is better to avoid anyone with ridiculous claims, such as viewing hidden maps. Stick to applications that demonstrate smart strategies and how to use your poker client software to your advantage

Real poker strategy

So the next time you see a statement that you can see your opponent’s hidden cards in online poker, avoid it as nothing more than a marketing gimmick. To find ways to win online poker, invest in learning poker strategies, and learn more about how the software works.