Who is an affiliate

Who is an affiliate?

Gambling Affiliates are those whopromote gambling websites. They do this by directing players to casino games and sports betting through their own websites or e-mail listing. If they successfully get a player to a gambling site where he puts down a deposit and actually plays, the affiliate gets a commission from the operator of the gambling site. Affiliates are important for operators to earn revenue. They look out for successful affiliates. This is big business. Often for this business to succeed, you need a middleman: a company that offers its services to both the merchants who run the gambling sites and the affiliates who are seeking to be successful, by bringing them together. Affilisearch is one such company in the United Kingdom and its website is http://www.affilisearch.co.uk/

The affiliate

Affiliates can join Afflisearch free of charge. The affiliate must have either a website, a PPC traffic marketing platform or an e-mail list. Afflisearchdoes not differentiate between the affiliate just starting out and the more experienced one. All are welcome. Once they go to http://www.affilisearch.co.uk/ and sign up they will be given a manager to handle their account. This person will help the affiliate in every way possible, to get started or to increase their earnings. The manager will show the affiliates how to increase their earnings and advise them on which campaigns are the best to run. Afflisearch believes in working side by side with the affiliates and ensuring their progress in the business. They work with select affiliates.The advantage of joining the affilisearch network is having access to hundreds of gambling sites, all in the same place. The best gambling commissions and campaigns have already been accessedby them from all areas of the online gambling world.It has top bingo, casino, and sports and incent gamblingaffiliate campaigns in the industry. So it saves the affiliate from doing the spadework. Affilisearch also have some gambling sites unique to their network.


The merchants

Afflisearch works with both successful, big brand gambling merchants as well as new campaigns that are coming up. They ensure that the campaigns they accept are of benefit to the affiliate. They do not approve of any campaign they feel is not likely to do well. They negotiate the terms and conditions for basic requirements such as what are the minimum deposit and the wagering. This ensures that all parties benefit. They also examine the bonus offers, and other points to make sure that earnings and conversions are maximized.In this way, affiliates do not have to worry. Afflisearch does all the work of dealing with the operators. On the other hand they also guarantee merchants, affiliates that they have chosen and worked with, they offer quality not quantity.

Afflisearch only operates on a CPA (cost per action) model. The merchant only pays the commission when the player has made the minimum deposit. There are no setup fees, no monthly management fees. Afflisearch takes 30% from the commission paid to them.